Cardio is King!

Thank you all for your love and support on my first blog! Your comments and love empower me to move past my anxiety. 💖

That said, let’s get the ball rolling with my segundo (Spanish for a second) post.

— drop the beat—

Oh man…Weight loss is not as easy as it seems… in the first few days, I wanted to cry.
[a deep cry, like the one you tend to pour out when a Nicholas Sparks’ movie play]
why? Because I can’t believe I allowed myself to get here (current weight). Although I have a bookshelf filled with novels about how to lose weight from my idol Jillian Michaels–Heck, I even own NASM personal Fitness Training textbook (…there was a time when I wanted to be a PT but I didn’t, because I couldn’t give up my love for advertising…).

But I knew one thing that all fitness and wellness books tell you… Cardio is king.
(sigh) Oh, Cardio! why must you be so complicated? (Raise your hands if you LOVE cardio–not) It’s an acquired taste. When you first try it, you will hate it.
But in order to align yourself with success, you and cardio have to become FRENEMIES. Here’s how I am doing it.

Make sure that the cardio exercise you chose to endure is fun. Making cardio fun is what keeps you motivated.

i.e On my first day, Dalida (my homie) and I decided to use the Stairmaster for 20 minutes. To make it fun, I would change the cadence of the machine to match the beat of the song that I was listening to. This gave me variety and ensured that I didn’t get bored. Being bored at the gym usually makes you not want to be there.

spice it up! I recommend finding a friend who shares your fitness goals
(if not, DM me lol let’s workout together).

Agree with your friend of choice, to motivate and guide your during the time of need (Like telling you not to buy a pint of ice cream during lunch break. Instead guides you to the nearest Juice Generation or Just Salad) — FYI Food is my weakness.

Agree not let each other down. So, if you planned to go to the gym at 5am or 7pm. When one quits, the other should be the motivator! — no gym buddy left behind.

(My Homies would say: Giselle, think about the summer…Think about the suitcase full of bangin’ ass dresses…Summer 2018 is your year).

at this point, my fingers urge to write how AMAZING strength training is.
but I’m tired. I will go in depth next post 🙂

Don’t hate me.




Today will be the first time I’ve ever blogged.

I’ve been thinking of doing this for some time now (1 year to be exact)  

I’ve been hesitant to share my life with others but I noticed that Life is too short to not share your struggles and experience with the world.

My goal is to empower and inspire the people who read this blog.

Nevertheless, welcome to my road back to being healthy.

— scratch the tape. —

Allow me to give you a snippet of why the word  “back” is in the line above.

Back in 2011, I weighed 230 lbs and managed to lose 81 pounds in 9 months. I read every book in Barnes and Noble about weight loss, nutrition, and fitness. While viciously following Jillian Michaels. For more personal info (since sharing happens to be my thing [sarcastic tone])

I was preparing to be a bridesmaid at my favorite cousin’s wedding. I worked as a cashier and went to school full time at New York City College of Technology.

Also, I would spend long hours browsing the internet on how to lose weight and looking for the best workouts. I ate 900 calories a day religiously, I didn’t allow myself cheat AT ALL.

I went on a Vegan, Gluten Free, Wheat Free diet and worked slept, dreamt, and breathed GYM. in other words, I was a big GYM RAT. I went to the gym in the morning, afternoon and night. (yes – I  even stayed 24 hours at a GYM…more than once.) additionally, I would make myself workout for multiple hours plus run 3 miles every day.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep that crazy schedule for long. When I left the cashier position to intern (then work in) a Production Agency, My life flipped upside down. It became harder to keep a healthy lifestyle. I went from working out 3 hours a day in the gym +  3 mile runs daily to sitting in a chair for 8-10 hours. *Meme: THIS IS WHEN GISELLE KNEW SHE FUCKED UP*

This 149 lbs young woman, started to learn the repercussion of not eating a balanced 1500 calorie diet. I learned how my eating habits didn’t strengthen my willpower.

Instead, I said yes to every free cupcake, candy, chips, restaurant dinners, bar nights, and ice cream. I went less and less to the gym, I piled on the stress and shoved food down my throat. I fell in love multiple times and each time fell too hard. I stopped taking care of myself and prioritize everything else.

Due to that, In the 3 years of work, I gained a whopping 105 lbs. So now I am heavier than my original weight by 24 lbs. (Present date weight is 254 lbs).

This blog will record all my progress as I take steps forward on my road back to being healthy.




A recipe for disaster: March, April, May, June Madness.

It’s been a rocky and busy couple of months — and to be honest–  I haven’t followed my diet at ALL and haven’t worked out consistently in weeks. My focus has been drawn to only one thing. WORK. 


losing weight is not easy. (I have a good feeling we’ve established this already)

Please! don’t let the illusion take you down the wrong road. Tbe frank, It’s challenging to focus on many things at once. First, I want to be successful in my creative career, manage my own creative advertising business to success (, have a social life with friends, maintain a clean home, and shed some weight.

<this meme resonates with me so much right now> 


(you get me right?!?, how can I function as a human when I work from 9am – 9pm and I come home around 10pm to then decompress in my bedroom with the next filling meal. My job is exciting but coming out at 9pm only gives me 3 hours to squeeze in a workout and to focus on my personal business.

So I started to roll out the b’s! (drum roll!)
Boundaries and Balance. I’ve started to set boundaries in the office and in everything (family, friends, & food)

[UPDATE entry on July 1st]

I had the above post sitting in my draft for 4 months – back then I didn’t know that I’ll lose 33lbs! Although stress had A LOT to do with it – I tried a different approach to eating healthy and losing weight.

Most of the time, I couldn’t make it to the gym – so I walked more and chose to walk up and down the escalators/stairs (the image below will show you the escalators on 53rd and Lexington station. by the time you leave the station, your buns are on fire and legs wobbly.  (no JOKE!)


My inner Bruja believes in speaking things to existence. So, in my safe haven, I wrote REALLY BIG on my wall “Weight loss is a lifestyle change, not a temp”. So, I bought a 32oz water bottle and drank the shit out of it (it helped when I had anxiety).  I’ll sip away instead of shoving chips, donuts or anything I found. Also made the conscious effort to stop eating past 9pm and didn’t make myself feel guilty when I accidentally did have a slice of pizza or fries.
Life is too short to be living in the guilt of your actions – it’s better to understand that “Yes, I had fries – but now I’ll sip on my 32oz and balance my system.”

Now off to squeeze 30 mins of cardio before I go to my friend’s website launch party!
Check out!


Change of topic: Has anyone noticed that CardiB went Vegan? – Let me know your thoughts on Veganism? 


Con Mucho Amor,